What items are allowed?
What Items are not allowed?
Is there a minimum price?
What are the seller fees?
How can I reduce the seller fees?
Why did you raise seller fees since the last swap?
What is the seller agreement?
What is the release of liability?
When do I drop off?
When do I pick up my items?
What if one of my items is missing?
What if I don’t want my items back after the swap?

What Items are Allowed?

Allowed Items (all items must be clean and free of stains)

    • Baby carriers, wraps, and accessories
    • Cloth diapering items and accessories (including wipes, pails, wet bags, etc.)
    • Nursing supplies (including covers, pads, bras, and shirts –  no breast pumps)

What Items are Not Allowed?

The following items are NOT allowed because we have found that they do not typically sell

    • Used microfiber inserts (these can be included with their pocket diapers, but we will not accept them alone or in bundles of inserts)
    • Used homemade diapers (high quality WAHM diapers are allowed)
    • Individual inserts or prefolds (sell these in bundles)
    • Stained, heavily worn, and items with holes (doesn’t matter how low the price is)
    • Play-diapers or delaminated diapers
    • Breast pumps
    • Specific brands due to low interest
      • Carriers – Baby Bjorn, Snuggli, Chico
      • Diapers
        • Bumkins
        • Kushies
        • Bumgenius Pockets versions 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0
        • Sized Bumgenius (except newborn)
        • Sized Fuzzibunz (except newborn)

Minimum Price

Minimum price is set at $4 per entry. If you have items that you want to sell below that price, they need to be bundled.

Seller Fees

A percentage of sales will be kept and given to the Cloth Diaper Connection organization helping to provide free cloth diapers to low income families in central Ohio. The fees are

  • 15% of the sale price on all baby carriers (option to reduce to 10%)
  • 25% of the sale price on all other items (option to reduce to 20%)

These amounts are deducted from your payment after the sale has ended. After the swap, you can expect to receive a check for your sold items within two to three weeks. Please be patient as our volunteers sort unsold items and finalize accounts. With so much interest in selling at the Swap, it can take some time to wrap everything up.

Reducing Seller Fees

We’ll reduce your seller fees by 5% if any of the following happens

  • All of your items are sold
  • All of your unsold items are donated
  • All other unsold items are picked up after the Swap on Saturday, April 14 at The Childhood League Center at 674 Cleveland Ave, Columbus

Please Note: Your decreased seller fee will not be reflected on the FlashConsign website. It will be updated when final numbers are tallied.

Why did you raise seller fees since the last swap?

The seller fees are the same as in prior swaps for sellers who pick up their items on Saturday, April 14 at The Childhood League Center at 674 Cleveland Ave, Columbus. The fees are higher if Cloth Diaper Connection must transport and store unsold items in our offices. We have created this difference because we no longer have the same amount of space available to us to store unsold items.

What is the seller agreement?

The seller agreement is a contract with yourself and Cloth Diaper Connection and shows the terms and conditions of selling your diapers through the Sprout Swap. To sell your diapers you will be required to sign a release of liability for any missing or damaged items.  

Release of Liability (to be signed in person at drop-off)

  • I agree that I will pick up my items by the published dates, or they will be donated to Cloth Diaper Connection.
  • I understand that items sold at Sprout Swap may get dirty or damaged during the sale.
  • I understand that items may go missing during Sprout Swap.
  • I agree that I will not hold Cloth Diaper Connection or Sprout Swap liable for any damaged, dirty, or missing items.

When do I drop off?

Drop-offs will take place at our new office, at 2280 Henderson Road, Suite #208

  • Sunday, March 31 from 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday, April 4th from 6pm to 8pm

Consignment items should be dropped off in a labeled box or reusable tote. Please no paper or plastic bags as these can easily rip/tear. Label your box or bag with your name and your FlashConsign Seller ID. (You can find this on the tags you attached to your items.)

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can mail your earnings after the Swap.

When do I pick up my items?

Items must be picked up at one of the following locations/times:

Items not picked up by May 1 will be automatically donated to Cloth Diaper Connection. We cannot be responsible for items that are not picked up. If you are not available during the pick up times, please send a friend or family member to pick up for you.

What if one of my items is missing?

Prior to the Sprout Swap you signed a release of liability with the understanding the Sprout Swap are not responsible for missing or damaged items. We will do our best to search for your missing item but cannot make any guarantees of its return.

What if I don’t want my items back after the swap?

Donations to Cloth Diaper Connection are welcome. We can often use prefolds and covers, fitted diapers and wet bags that are in great condition. When we can, we put these diapers into kits for families in need. When we can’t use them in a kit we try to re-sell the diapers, with the proceeds benefiting Cloth Diaper Connection.  Just mark your items as “donate” in FlashConsign and we’ll take care of it.

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