Selling at Sprout Swap is easy, since you don’t have to worry about collecting payments or meeting up with buyers from Facebook or Craigslist. To sell your items at the swap, you just need to register your items, tag them, and drop them off at one of our drop-off times.

What you can sell

At the Swap, you can sell the following items. All items must be clean and free of stains

  1. Baby carriers, wraps, and accessories
  2. Cloth diapering items and accessories (including wipes, pails, wet bags, diaper bags)
  3. Nursing supplies (including covers, pads, bras, and shirts)

**IMPORTANT** Please make sure you check our updated list of disallowed items, as we won’t be able to sell them at the swap.

Register your items ahead of time on FlashConsign

FlashConsign is a consignment sale site that keeps track of all of the items for sale at the swap. After you register, you’ll be able to enter each item along with a description, category, and price. You can also choose to mark items to be discounted (20% discounts start at noon) or to be donated after the swap.

A $6 registration fee is required and goes to FlashConsign to cover their costs. The registration fee is not required if you just want to shop at the swap. The fee is only for sellers.

The personal information you share in FlashConsign is used to track your items, contact you once the sale is over, and to notify you of future swaps. We keep your information confidential.

Drop off your items during one of our two drop-off times, and we’ll take care of the selling.

Click Here to Register to Sell in the Spring ’19 Swap!

Tag your items

Once you have registered your items, you will be able to print price tags for them. Each entry in FlashConsign will generate a separate tag.

Print your tags on card stock and attach securely with ribbon, yarn, string, or safety pins. Items that are to be sold together should be securely tied together.

  • Shoppers will want to be able to inspect your diapers, so make sure they can open up your diapers
  • No ziplocs, unless for very small items like Snappis, Boingos, or diaper pins
  • Inserts should be stuffed inside pocket diapers

Minimum price is set at $4 per entry. If you have items that you want to sell below that price, they need to be bundled.

Prepare and price your items to sell

The Swap draws a large crowd of people, and we have found that many items re-sell very well. Follow these few simple steps to maximize your chances of selling your items.

  • Make sure your items are clean. This seems like a no-brainer, but do your best to remove stains and smells. The sun is a great natural whitener! Wash and iron baby carriers. How your diapers feel will also affect their draw. If your diapers feel sticky or crunchy, make sure there is no detergent build-up by doing a few hot washes and rinses with no detergent or stripping with RLR. You can fluff dry diapers in the dryer by adding tennis balls or specially designed dryer balls to the load.
  • Package like items together. If you have six or more similar diapers to sell, consider packaging them together in batches of 2-6 items. This will increase the likelihood that more of your items will sell. This is especially important for prefold diapers, which sell best in lots of 3-6. Tie diapers together with string or ribbon, stacked on top of each other so the insides can be inspected without taking the group apart.
  • Include original instructions. If you have the original instructions for your carrier, secure them together with string or package in a clear bag. Original instructions and packaging increase the value of your carrier.
  • Price reasonably. Even though you paid $20 for that adorable custom all-in-one, don’t expect someone else to pay that after you have used it for six months. Start with 50-60% of the purchase price, then look honestly at your items and deduct for stains and signs of wear. We have compiled lists of average selling prices for items in our Pricing Guide.

Check our FAQ for more information.

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