We can’t have a Swap without YOU!

Sprout Swap is a semi-annual consignment sale benefiting Cloth Diaper Connection. We need you to dig out your baby’s outgrown cloth diapers and your unused baby carriers, and register to sell them in the Sprout Swap!

At the swap, you can sell the following types of items:

  • Cloth diapers, inserts, wet bags, and other accessories
  • Baby carriers, wraps, and accessories
  • Nursing clothes and other nursing accessories (except breast pumps)
  • We no longer accept maternity clothes at the Swap.

A portion of the sale price goes to benefit Cloth Diaper Connection and helps to purchase cloth diapers for low income families in Central Ohio. On baby carriers priced at $75 and over, the portion is 10%. For all other items, the portion is 20%. The rest of the money goes into your pocket!


If you are selling (or interested in buying) baby carriers at the Swap, we are offering a special service for you! Immediately after the Swap we are going to photograph and document all the baby carriers that did not sell. We’ll post these photos along with their prices in our Swap chat group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/260574024117137/) and handle any sales for you through Friday, April 14. This gives those higher priced items a little extra time to find their new home.

We know larger purchases can require a little extra time to think it over, and last Swap we had quite a few instances of matching sellers with buyers who couldn’t get that special carrier they saw at the Swap out of their minds, so hopefully this little extra service will help all of you! Happy buying and selling!

Follow the links below for more details on how to register and sell your items.

How to Sell

1454146884_notes Selling Tips

1454147989_price Pricing Guide


Drop Offs


After the Swap